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Apache OpenOffice has been a consistent presence in the open-source software world for over twenty years. Its open-source nature and development process means that anyone can report bugs, ask for new features, or edit the software. The open-source community is creative and powerful. The result of this is that Apache OpenOffice does exactly what you want it to, exactly the way you want it to.

Download the newest installation fil via SourceForge here

Easy to use

One of Apache OpenOffice’s most significant selling points is how easy it is to learn. If you’re already familiar with other office software, OpenOffice will feel very natural to use. Its worldwide community, made up of a diverse group of users, means that OpenOffice is available and supported in a wide range of languages. If you have files from another office suite, chances are that OpenOffice will have no problems with reading and editing them.

It’s free

A huge draw of Apache OpenOffice is that it’s entirely free of any licensing fees. All Apache Software Foundation software is free to use, and OpenOffice is no different, being released under the Apache 2.0 License. It can be freely used for any domestic, educational, commercial, or public administration purpose. OpenOffice can be installed on an unlimited number of devices. You can also make copies of OpenOffice and share them with whomever you like.


Apache OpenOffice comes packed with everything you need and is compatible with other major office suites. OpenOffice features six robust programs that give you the tools to create and edit a wide variety of projects. The following programs are included with OpenOffice:

  • Writer is OpenOffice’s word processor and can be used to write whatever you want, whether that’s writing a short letter or even a whole book!
  • Calc is a spreadsheet tool filled with everything you need to analyse, calculate and present data in concise numerical reports or exciting graphics.
  • Impress is a quick and easy-to-use presentation tool that allows you to create great multimedia presentations.
  • Draw is a graphic design program with the power to create anything, from basic diagrams to dynamic and beautiful 3D illustrations.
  • Base is a powerful database management tool which allows you to create and modify tables, reports, forms and queries.
  • Math gives you the power to create mathematical equations with an easy-to-use interface. You can also input formulas into the built-in equation editor.
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